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Default Re: stupid old people yet again

That happened to my buddy ,when he was messing with the air filter box on his firehawk... he dropped the wing nut and couldn't find it on the ground, was in a hurry to go somewhere so he grabbed another out of his toolbox, put it on, closed the hood and tore down the street, then he turns around baying the car back to his garage, the engine running like cap and making a knocking sound... yup... it swallowed the wing nut and destroyed the head and piston. He got a new set of heads and rebuilt the engine but keeps that piston with a perfect impression of the wing nut on his desk. That car was his pride and joy and he was making some crazy money back then since he had his own business installing computer networks and maintaining all the ones he installed so he had it rebuilt and back on the road with about 200 more horsepower in just a few weeks.
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