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Default Re: Watch out for free loaders!

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
At least it wasn't a bee in your helmet.

Man that happened to me a few years back, I was on my way to work and going about 80mph on the freeway when I felt something go up the leg opening in my shorts... next thing I feel it... Wham!! Right on the leg... and I'm doing 80mph in traffic, and running low on time so I couldn't pull over if I wanted to... then that stupid thing hit me about 5 more times.... I made it to work, jumped off the bike, ripped my shorts off and found 5 good size welts on my outer thigh along with a good sized stinger sticking out of my leg.... my guess was it was just one bee, but when it went up my leg it stung me, then with the wind flapping my pant leg the stinger came out and hit me the other 4 times before I got off the highway...
then I pretty much had to run from the parking lot to the time clock so I could get clocked in before they counted me late, got myself clocked in and headed straight to the bathroom where I could better asess the damage Without an audience wondering why I jumped off the bike in a hurry and dam near tore my pants off in the parking lot...
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