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Default Re: Camouflage from theives/killers on a friction?

Originally Posted by filestyle1 View Post
locks just keep honest people honest! If someone wants your bike and they will,with some time it will be gone in about 60 seconds. I just run a kryptonite bicycle cable through my frame and also through my front wheel and then to what Iam locking to. but then again Iam never too far away from the bike in the first place.If I go into a store Iam not in there very long and where there are a lot of people I hope it detours theft.
I love all the "Bear Grylls" and survivorman stuff. Is that a real photograph on your avatar? I would love to see the airstream in full rez. I will let ya know. I will be mostly chaining it to Municipal gas lines.. If they pull out the gas lines then they have MUCH bigger people interested in them than lil ol' me. I will be using a silent alarm. There is also remote DC powered motion detectors out there. I bought a couple once and that sounds like fun as it triggers anything you want it to and is not dependent on 120 volts like the motion detector lights sold everywhere.. Instead of a light wire a radio inside to go off or 2000 watts of floodlights and a siren at night to greet your friends that visit. The trespasser ones should be silent.

"Bear Grylls" I watched those things all summer and am hardly using any heat in the house.. Roughing it because I can and I like it that way!
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