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Default uneven power

(kind of hard to explain in words, and sorry for long winded-ness)

i believe i am missing some power, mostly on the upper end.
so far, i have updated the carb, short intake, ngk b5hs, expansion chamber and a 56t. i built it to ride moderately steep trails, (all low end torque) top speed on level ground is 18-22 mph. it has about 500 miles on it.

every now and then you can feel there is way more power in there. i can hear a difference in the sound when it kicks in on those "cherished" strokes. it's like there is a monster in there, but "he's on a chain most of the time."
it's not that it cuts out sometimes, it's more like it really kicks in, once in a while...

at first i thought compression issue. i checked the head gasket and plug area, and they don't seem to be leaking, no oil or discoloration, bolts all tight.

i have read about people doing "burnouts" on theirs, but mine will not even remotely do that. (should it?)

don't get me wrong, it runs more than well enough. very much money well spent.
i just get the feeling it could be much better with what is most likely a minor tweek.

i'm kind of leaning toward the head needs to be modded or better head gasket to extend the stroke... or maybe a better head all together...

what do the experts think???

(the pic is from last week. i changed the front mount and leveled it out a bit since then. and the stubby intake wasn't on then either.)
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It will be "done" when it can climb trees, go 300 mph, and fire lasers from the headlights. Surface to air missiles would be nice too.
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