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Default Re: Bike motor kart questions

There are centrifugal clutches for these engines but they're not as readily available as they were about a year or so ago, you can still find them but they cost almost $80 now vs the $30 price tag a few years ago.
for the mounting, if you got a welder, no problem, but if not, the schwinn stingray mount bracket might make life a little easier. The pull starts will work on all the available engine sizes except fit the super rat type engines. The pull starts are not all created equally tho, look for the all metal ones as the ones with the plastic drum don't last too long.
I'm all about 2 stroke engines, but if this is going to be for little kids, I gotta agree, a 79cc predator with a centrifugal clutch would probably be more practical. The stock manual clutch cannbe feathered out and released like a manual clutch but they're not very linear like a motorcycle clutch making them more tricky to launch smoothly, not impossible, but it is a different feel.
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