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Default Re: Bike motor kart questions

Yep, a small wheel would make it easier, but I wonder if a kid could operate the clutch? If the kart is light enough, it could take off. And the pads are thick enough for that. They're probably 5/16 to 3/8" thick. It would be a lot easier with a centrifugal clutch. A 79cc harbor freight engine and a centrifugal clutch would be a better suited pair for that razor. The bike motor is designed to be bolted between a v frame. The HF engine can be mounted to a flat surface easily. Plus, those engines are normally $99, so take a 20% coupon and you got it for $80. Then put on a centrifugal clutch and you're looking about the same price for it vs a china girl. And the 79 HF engine has a gas tank on the engine, so you wouldn't look ridiculous with the peanut tank.
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