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Default Re: 80cc bike really slow

Depends. If you rode it like an elderly lady, maybe not. If you were a little hard on it occasionally, ran it at WOT and made the engine work a little, it should be close.

There is a lot of discussion here on 'break-in procedures', What works, what doesn't. Take a look through our 'search', type in 'Break in' and set back for an evening's worth of reading on the subject.

Ask any professional tree trimmer how he 'breaks-in' his chain saws. My guess is you'll find few who say they run it at partial throttle, over lubricate it and treat it softly. Most will tell you they take it out of the box and put it to work. Apply the same logic to your 2stroke bicycle engine and it, and you will be happier.

You'll get differing opinions. Mine is just one.

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