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Default Bike motor kart questions

I am quite glad these forums are here since I believe you guys can really help me out with a couple of fun projects...

1st project is a little mini kart I picked up for my kids. It's a Razor ground force that used to be low power electric, but I'm working on gas power now.

I'd like to use the ubiquitous 66/80cc china bike motors but I foresee a couple of issues.

Main issue is starting the engine. Short of finding a hill to coast down (not optional in Houston) I need to adapt a pull cord recoil deal or an electric start. I see some recoil start kits on ebay for $20 that list 48 to 80cc engines but will that really work with the generic 66.8

I'm really glad these forums are here, since I could really use some help with bike engine project.

I picked up a little razor ground force kart for the kids that used to be electric but I'm converting to gas. I'd like to use the generic 66/80cc engine that is common with the conversion kits, but I see a couple of issues with that. First is the starting... short of running down a hill to jump it, I need either a recoil rope starter or electric start setup. I see a few recoil rope starter kits that list being compatible with engines from 48-80cc. Has anybody tried to install a recoil starter on the 66cc motor?

Next issue is the manual clutch. With it slip enough to get going from standing still and not stall the engine. Or is a centrifugal clutch going to required??

Last major issue (for now ) is the mounting. To keep the chain clear of rubbing the block, I will probably have to rotate the motor 70-90 degrees back. Is it a float or diaphragm carb?? Anything else that mounting might mess up??

I will really appreciate any opinions or advice so I can order the right parts and not waste time and money.

I'll post pics when I'm done.... with 3hp this kart should be major fun .... for the kids of course...
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