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Default Re: Fuel overflow

I agree, it's most likely some crud in the needle valve holding it slightly open, but even if these are perfectly clean it is possible that the fuel can still seep passed the valve when not in use. You'll need to get used to turning the gas off whenever you shut the engine off, and especially if the bike is to be parked for more than just a few minutes. I remember when I first built one of these I went out for a ride then returned home, put the bike up for the night, and wanting to go for a ride the next day I went out to the garage and smelled the gas right away, walked over to the bike and found a puddle under the bike from where it was seeping out overnight.
I took the carb off and checked it but it was clean inside, put it back together and noticed that after riding it if I left the petcock open it would slowly start to seep until it started dripping out the carb inlet after about 5 minutes or so, no big deal and it doesn't hurt the engine while running or flood out when idling, it just means the petcock needs to be shut off when not in use.
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