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Default Motorized In Medford!

Hello, It's taken me awhile to be able to get on here...but I'm on here now! I've been motored
biking for about 4 years now & I have changed my ride about 4 times !! My first bike was a 24" Schwinn cruiser and it was killer, just not real good for a first time bike! Had to do many
modifications for the motor to fit in the small frame...such as wider cranks! My 2nd bike was a 26" Schwinn cruiser...much easier to install, but I had to make a new motor mount that clamped
to the frame(didn't want to weld). Since I didn't weld it, It had a lot of back & forth wobble !!
The 3rd bike was a Jesse James west coast chopper bike !! It looked bad-ass , but I got pulled
over the first five minutes I rode it....looked to much like a motorcycle !! That was the end of
that bike ! The next bike took me about 2 years to put together. The motor sat too long & my magneto went out , from just sitting !? The last bike build I did is the one I have now. I built up a 1940
MARSHALL-WELL'S "ZENITH" , Yes ZENITH...Just like the T.V.
This bike has the same frame , but I changed this bike about 4 times to get it how I like it now !
On all my bikes I used the same motor, 80cc KINGSMOTOR BIKES ! I welded motor mount's to this frame and everything on it is nice & tight ! I will post photos later. Thank's ,
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