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Default Re: stupid old people yet again

I once had a 3 cylinder motorcycle. Changing spark plugs one day, I noticed a little ring of small road gravel nested against the head of the spark plug in the center cylinder. The cooling fins were too tall for me to reach in there to sweep this crap away.

I wished I had compressed air. I should have, of course. But I didn't. So then I had the bright idea of using engine compression to blow that crap out. I pulled the spark plug, being very careful not to disturb the ring of grit around it.

No doubt you can see where this is going wrong; it hadn't occurred to me at all that that cylinder might be on the down-stroke.

I reached up and hit the starter. And I watched that ring of grit go "Whoosh" right down into the cylinder.

I remember thinking, "How could I have been so stupid???!!! Now, I've got to stop.....and rebuild this engine."

Luckily I did have some space in a garage on-property available. So I pushed the bike in there, muttering and cursing myself the whole way.

Then I went and found a shop manual for that model and learned how to dis-assembe and assemble an engine. So I kinda didn't feel too bad about the whole thing.

Other than commuting to work by bus for a few months.

But the bike ended up serving me, and the guy I sold it to, well for quite some time after that.
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