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Unhappy Still getting really bad gas mileage.

My bike is getting quite bad gas mileage, by my estimate 27-30 mpg. It is very close to broken in and i recently changed to a 30:1 fuel mix, and moved the clip on the carb needle to the second position from the top. I think that it has been getting bad mileage from the get go, but until recently i have not been going on longer rides, so i didn't notice it as much, and what i did notice i just attributed to breaking in and overly rich carb settings. It is also not particularly fast, and it still 4 strokes a little even after changing the carb setting. So i am wondering if i might need to look at the jet and see if something is wrong there. All the bearings are OK on the whole bike and engine, and it rolls almost as easily as a regular bike.
Oh yeah, and i should mention that it is a 66cc china girl with a "Speed" carb.
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