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Default Re: Camouflage from theives/killers on a friction?

Originally Posted by Michigan Mike View Post
For leaving a bike in a store parking lot for a short time I've often thought that a ratty-looking canvas or nylon cover for the whole bike would be a good theft deterent. Park near a busy entrance ... lock the motor to the bike with a cable and lock the bike to a sign, parking meter, or whatever's available ... then cover the whole shooting match with the ugly cover and tie it down a little here and there. Should at least keep the kids from poking around.

I've also seen little battery powered alarms that go off when jiggled or moved. One of these could be placed on the bike somewhere under the cover. If the bike gets moved a little it would go off.

To protect my stuff at home at night ... I have lots of motion detector activated security lights all around the garage. You can buy these at Wallyworld for about $10 each. I also mounted these inside the garage and on some I replaced the light bulbs with those screw in electrical outlets. Into these outlets I plug in clock radios turned up nice and loud ... of course they come on only if the motion detector detects someone. So there's lots of light and noise for any midnight callers. Daytime I just rely on locks, chains and good neighbors when I'm not home.

Too bad we have to worry about such things.


Thanks MM!! That is a great double shot! Yes indeed.. If it has a cover that will help and knowing me... LOL air raid siren!!! Yeeee HAWWWWWW! Funny.. I love tormenting crooks.. I am not hip on killing folks unless they come in to the house but emotional torture.. ahhhh They might wet themselves with strobes, load double ambulance sirens and a small capacitor charge for kicks.

Ok all done .. That felt good.

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