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Default Re: Serious working bike trailers

Originally Posted by ZnsaneRyder View Post
I use my trailer to haul stuff a lot, and 196cc's will pull anything! I've loaded it full with 80 oranges, I've hauled scrap metal, bicycle parts, car parts, gasoline, and even pulled other bicycles over 30mph with a tow strap!

Wouldn't it be cool if someone made a REALLY large trailer made for hauling, then had a powerful engine hidden discretely in the trailer, so it looks like you are just hauling your cargo! *Just make it obvious with LOTS of lights that you OWN your trailer, so cops don't think you are stealing your own stuff.
I kinda did that with electric.. Hey post some pics.. When I get a chance I will post a bunch of my own on a yard show and tell of my old junk and broken stuff. I Guarantee there will be something in there for everyone to work with in our little hobbit shops!

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