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Default Re: my journey begins

so she's been running smooth between slow cruising (20 mph) and at full out at about 30mph before I let off. I'm still trying to not push too much still, probably under 100 miles total at this point. between 20 and basically 23 or 24 mph, there is major increase in vibration. then it smooths out, it returns when decelerating through the same speed (rpm) and back to smooth. Not feeling a ton of power. I'm 208 lbs right now.

I can't remember if I mentioned that my stock magnet was one with the "12:15 timing" instead of "1:00" as Fred terms it in his assembly video. so I tried a regular 1:00 one (thanks Legwon) and she was popping up a rucus. so last night I replaced the magnet back to 12:15, also put in the $2 magneto seal plate, and I installed the, don't say it... boost bottle.

I have it so I am trying it out. went for a couple of rides this morning, she is smoother compared to other magnet. but boost I will be testing seperately, I won't keep it unless I'm convinced it is some benefit. the less stuff strapped to bike the better.

second ride became very loud as I blew out my lovely new muffler. I don't blame it too much, it was very firm engine to frame so it took those bad vibes. really, it was almost like a stabilizer being a third attachment to the frame for the engine.



ideally I would like to try a long 1" pipe down, under and back to the rear hub. with a washer welded on the end for back pressure. I heard of this idea from Legwon knowing someone who runs it and loves it. I like the idea of a simple clean pipe. I'm on the hunt.
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