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Yup... that works too...
Have you ever mixed up too much epoxy or poly resin at one time? That stuff gets crazy hot then starts to explode ... I remember when I was still a young kid about 12 or 13 years old and I was at the airport fixing a cracked wheel pan off a 172 and decided to mix up a slightly bigger batch in a plastic cup so I could brush it on over a larger area... or so I thought... within minutes the cup got too hot to hold onto so I quickly set it down on the hangar floor as not to spill any... next thing I know it started to smoke, then I could hear it start to crack inside the cup, then it started popping off chunks of smoking hot resin... that was kinda scary at first because I didn't know if it was going to catch fire or not, and about that time I realized just why my dad told me to mix the stuff in small batches. I just figured it was because too much might go to waste if I didn't get it all worked into the cloth, but me thinking I could do it quick enough decided to mix up a big batch... then it was also impossible to even try to cover up that mistake since even tho I got it cleaned up and out of the hangar I was afraid it would ignite if I threw the evidence in the trash, and it smelled up half the hangar...
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