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Default Re: Are 2,3 or 4 engine motors better than 1???

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
LOL, Roadkill the "reins" from right-side handlebar to seatpost is only when parking. It keeps the left-heavy front fork from cocking and tipping the bike when parked. After "unhitching" the twin-engine monsters I wrap the "reins" around the HT gas tank's filler neck and away I go.

I presume that a front-mounted engine would blow less fumes directly to the rear than a rear-mounted or frame-mounted motorized bike. I really don't know.

For me, I have a spare front-mounted electric hub from an earlier project. I'd use that to pull a kiddie trailer.
Ahhh cool.. I think you mean a wrap around counter weight. I guess balance is a good thing. Ooops.

I was using electric stuff last year and untill the magic super cunductor capacitors land in marlboro cigarette carton sizes I am going to opt out of that situation.. I was popping chains and overloading and burning out motors last summer..
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