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Default Re: Camouflage from theives/killers on a friction?

Originally Posted by Weedylot View Post
The local Whizzer dealer, yes there is one, or was one, in Tucson had two Whizzers stolen from his front yard in less than a minute.
The bikes were chained to a Schedule 80 2" pipe, "U" shaped with the ends in concrete. The dealer went inside to pee and a few seconds later, a four wheel drive truck arrived, the thieves ran a chain around the pipe and using the truck, yanked the whole thing from the ground, concrete, pipe and bikes.
He heard an engine revving up and went he got out the door his bikes and all were last seen in the bed of a large truck.
Obvious? Heck yeah!
Thieves-1 Honest dealer-Negative 2
I had a homemade 3 wheeler West Coast Chopper stolen last year. It was left unlocked overnight. I figured people were scarred of the dogs because I always turn them loose to pee and they scare the **** out of the trespassers if any at that moment. I pull my dogs around on my bike trailer sometimes in their case to the woods.. They like it.
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