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Honestly.. sell the motorized bike and just get a road bicycle.. a 15yr old on a new aluminum framed road bike with high pressure tires will be rolling as fast as most people here (25mph).. A motorized bike will up that to 30-35mph.. you decide if you want your 15yo going that fast.. If there isn't a highly hands-on mechanical-mind type person in the family that is willing to learn about and fix ALL of the problems with these bikes, then you're pretty much entering a world of pain. The engine is just the beginning, wait till you get problems with wheels, bearings, chain, throttle cable, brakes, tires, etc. Not to mention anytime you have a bicycle-related problem, NO shop will work on it because of liability issues, so you'll have to remove the engine kit parts every time for them to work on it.

To ride one of these you have to really want to learn and conquer the very steep learning curve in identifying, correctly diagnosing, and fixing problems. Unless your son is very interested in working on his bike and how stuff works.. I would sell it and either get a road bicycle or a moped.. at least you get a warranty and numerous local mechanics for each.
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