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I'm sorry the thing quit on him, they can be cantankerous before they're dialed in. You will need a few tools to keep a china girl running.
I agree with Tom on the oil ratio, 24/1 is nice protection for that new engine.
The cylinder head is held on by 4 nuts, I'd check that right off the bat, if it's loose enough it will quit running. Barring that, your husband is probably on the right track but I would start from the beginning and take the gas line loose from the carb and feed it into a tincan, and open the valve. If there is a small, steady trickle of gas- so far so good.
Put it back on the carb, turn it on, press and hold that little brass button (primer or tickler) for a few seconds to flood a little gas into the carb throat, pull the choke lever up (on) and try a start.
Next take out the spark plug and see if it has seen any gas, with the choke and the tickling, after 25 yards of hard peddling it should be getting wet. If so you are probably ok for now in the carb department. If not, take off the carb and go watch the you tubes about NT carbs, they are so simple you will be able to check, clean and reassemble it by following those videos.
If the plug was wet and no start at all you probably have a spark problem, and the info to fix that is here, too.
The bikes really are fun, but they take a little effort to get them running strong and reliably.
I haven't had to fix anything or had any trouble with mine in months. They can be decent little engines once you get em going.
Good luck to you!

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