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Thanks for getting back to us.
Fuel to oil ratio is a much debated issue here. Typically the kit instructions will advise a ratio of 16:1. That means 16 parts gasoline to 1 part oil. It has been determined by a number of us that the 16:1 figure is a little high on oil content and we generally suggest dropping the ratio to about 24:1.
You'll also hear 32:1 and 40:1. There has never been a real consensus on what it best so you might want to do some reading and see what appeals to you. Use our 'search' feature and type in 'oil ratio' or 'oil' and you'll have lots to consider.

With that said you can't go wrong with the 24:1 mix ratio. Use 2 cycle oil, preferably one that is formulated for air cooled engines and you'll be safe.

You'll also get several more replys to this so check back soon.

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