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Default Re: Newb here in ATX

Originally Posted by spanky View Post
Hi Eric! Thanks for your reply! I agree... The threads could just be funky in the frame. I went ahead and bought both an m10-1.0 bolt and an m10-1.25 bolt just to see if I'd have any luck threading something in there that's not an awkward shape like the petcock, and no luck. I've been really careful to not strong arm anything in there out of fear of damaging the aluminum threads. I may take you up on some help if you have some free time! I set up a temporary gas canister out of an aluminum water bottle in the meantime (homemade, but I vented the cap). Now at this point I've been trying to fire the darn thing up and am getting nothing.

I think I have a compression problem as well. I've got spark from my plug, but the fuel is not reaching the inlet manifold from the carb. The carb's jets and float look real clean but it's not getting out of the bowl. I'm pretty stumped.
I have time. I often work a little late so you may come by the shop.
AFA your carb problems, I'd check the venting first. Generally speaking, if you vent tube (or cap on these little carbs) to the bowl is kinked or plugged, the gas can't flow out.
You'd be surprised how many experienced mechanics get stumped by this exact problem.
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