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Here's the frame I'm using, a Giant Simple+. It's a very attractive aluminum frame that Giant managed to uglify into a this monstrosity (stock photo):

Stripped and primed here, but it's at work right now ready for final wetsand before clear coat.

I laced the rear wheel about an hour ago, and will true it up at work sometime this week. It'll be a stout wheel - Bendix red stripe hub, Velocity Aeroheat rims, 13ga spokes:

There's much more, but it's all in pieces on a rack. I soda blasted a lot of parts last week and am in the middle of cleaning it all up.

AFA all the prior work, I'll post about it when it's pertinent to the conversation. I don't imagine there's a lot of people souping up Izip scooters in here. My last build did wheelies, small ones, but still - lifting the front end of an electric scooter brings smiles to rider and watchers.

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