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Originally Posted by bluegoatwoods View Post
Yup! Bikes of this sort tend to frustrate newbies. But then there comes a day when you 'get it'. And they're very loveable after that.

Have your son come to this site and start reading. Any headline that looks interesting. In no time at all he'll start seeing info that pertains to his particular bike. Like one of the guys above stated, very basic tools will get him through it.

He'll find himself understanding and fixing his own bike.

And then he'll be off and running.
I agree with this. Motorized bicycles are actually modified bicycles and so they require more maintenance and tinkering than other forms of transportation. Your son needs to be able to learn how everything works and how to fix problems as a hobbyist would, not just be able to ride it. It's a great education into basic mechanics for a beginner but he has to have the interest in learning about it. He will find all the info he needs at this website and people to answer questions too.
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