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Default Re: Are 2,3 or 4 engine motors better than 1???

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post

"The Dragon Lady" is NOT a major brain power depleter.

The front engine's exhaust faces left; exhaust pressure pushes the fumes outward. I do not detect any fumes coming my way, even at idle or moving.

When I installed an expansion pipe for a day, the fumes DID blow directly onto me. I had to move the pipe to the rear engine because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

To keep the bike upright I tie one handlebar grip to the seatpost.

Because the suspension fork raises the front end, the stock bike stand won't work. Need to get a Whizzer stand.
Great.. I think you are very insightful. What would you recommend for someone pulling a trailer full of people (little kids)? They might be far enough back so it won't really matter much but thought I would ask anyway. I guess there must be some serious pull to the left or right with more than one motor for you to have to have grip on the seatpost? That is where I get confused. No matter experience will kick my donkey soon enough.

thanks again 57!
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