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Default Re: Are 2,3 or 4 engine motors better than 1???

Originally Posted by Roadkill View Post
Some mufflers are longer than others.. Who knows.. But good point.

I would venture to say 57 still has intellect even if "The Dragon Lady" is a major brain power depleater. If that is the case than you have myth busted the theory exhaust fumes case severe brain damage. I am all excited and want to weld and destroy my eyeballs with flashing arcs of madness.. I should also add my old Bronco with the read window down would draw fumes back through the cab.. A major flaw. I never really had problems on motorcycles and would imagine the rushing air would arrive faster than fumes could especially if the muffler is pointed downward blasting down or modified to do so.
Thank you MM79 and all for this discussion.

"The Dragon Lady" is NOT a major brain power depleter.

The front engine's exhaust faces left; exhaust pressure pushes the fumes outward. I do not detect any fumes coming my way, even at idle or moving.

When I installed an expansion pipe for a day, the fumes DID blow directly onto me. I had to move the pipe to the rear engine because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

To keep the bike upright I tie one handlebar grip to the seatpost.

Because the suspension fork raises the front end, the stock bike stand won't work. Need to get a Whizzer stand.
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