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Default Re: "Flea Hopper" as of this morning "Flea Flopper"

I see you are from SC - I bought my Hopper from eastcoastwholesales out of Charlestown (nice town BTW - drove there in 08 on vacation.

dealer is worthless - happy to send you the scooter - but it one bolt has stripped threads BEFORE you even use it and send three emails for one fookin replacement bolt (like the main one that bolts to handlebars to the stem!.....crickets.......................

had to drive 20 miles and 5 scooter shops before I found the right thread/pitch/size and length (dunbuggy repair shop had a big bucket of bolts) - got it free.

said he be happy to work on my Hopper if the need ever arose also.

a lot kewler guy than my dealer! lol.
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