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Default Re: "Flea Hopper" as of this morning "Flea Flopper"

yep. and lower the are the faster it seems also - wish gokarts were street legal. 25 on one of those would be like 30 on my motorized-scooter. Someday I may try to get that "Monster-moto/Motvox kids gokart for 600 buck and add crap to it (like all the street legal stuff - windscreen/lights/etc and see if I can "pass it off" as a LSV (Low speed Vehicle) which are legal in my town.

But the DMVs are such **** to work with on anything - was given a hard time getting my "Honda z50a clone" (Chinese 1969 style monkeybike) because I bought it over the internet and had an MSO/Bill of sell - but not the usual stuff you'd get from a Dealer (like Title? - not sure...........)............anyway clerk had to goto "the boss" to sort the troble out. She did and it is now Street Legal.

If interested you can see the DMV thread and picts of the "Ice Bear" below that thread called "Sidecar picts" or some such -over in the Tavern.

45 on that thing (8" wheels) will seen like 400.............i'll try not to kill myself first though.
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