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Default Re: "Flea Hopper" as of this morning "Flea Flopper"

"Flea Hopper" has been welded-up (20-bucks) for 7 weeks now. She fit as a fiddle. On a good day when she is happy with good gas and a cool morning we go 20 mph together as one. Later in the heat of the 95-degress day, we slow a little and max out at 19 mph. She worked out 40 miles last weekend. zipped all over town. had lots of looks, 2 folks have stopped me to ask about her and tell me they've seen me zipping all over town the last few months.

I bought a "speed kit" to break the 25 mph speed barrier, but not sure I'm going to bother now. I'm deciding that going 5 mph slower could actually be more fun.

at 19 mph I get to see, dogs on porches, dogs chasing cats, old ladies picking flower in their gardens, guys tickering in garages, painters painting houses, kids playing in driveways.

at 25 mph I might miss some of that stuff ;-/.

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