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Default Re: my journey begins

I will torque the head cold tonight and warm when I run her tomorrow. I checked everything out after installing the new muffler, and things were pretty snug. I got a little on the upper crankcase bolts. Tensioner holding well, chain is not contacting anything I can see. I will probably take it off and paint it tonight and maybe adjust the strap. It's pretty solid, muffler was contacting the crank guard before installing and now it's good. seems a nice solid mount with this unit. Also cleaned up the cdi/killswitch wiring. now it's cables, cables, cables. I will try shorten then zap strap them. there is just too much slack to strap them down right now.

here's the little bomber.



the shifter cable isn't pinched but it is cradled snugly.

I will take the end cap off when I paint it tonight and maybe I'll do the same mods if they apply, holes and cut stinger. Ran very nicely today, goes well and smooths out at half throttle'ish. a little rough at lower rpms, but idles ok.

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