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Default Re: Motorized bike clutch slipping

Originally Posted by Kash66 View Post
Ok thanks but what do you mean by soldering the cable, also do you think the flower nut or clutch cable is causing my clutch to slip.

We answered this question above. The cable won't cause the clutch to slip unless it is adjusted too tight.

If you've been messing with the flower nut you'll have to start by reading the clutch adjustment instructions I posted for you. Click on that link and you'll find a very good tutorial on how to adjust the cable tension and then the flower nut.

As for using a bike brake cable for the clutch, yes, you can. As long as the barrel end fits your handlebar clutch lever. Get one long enough to reach. There shouldn't be any need to solder anything. The throttle cable does require soldering but the clutch cable doesn't unless you want to solder the engine end so the strands don't unravel.

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