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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I was thinking more like a coffee maker The bike is called a West Coast Something-or-another. Big chopper adult size with 26" fat tires on both ends. Twin fork tubes on triple trees and no brake with the weight of me, the electrics and batteries just isn't a good idea so the drum brake and the dyno for lights. With the storage batteries separated from the main batteries. I already have a voltage regulator for keeping the voltage in check. The back has a coaster brake and lugs for some type of rim brake that I'd going to have to find the brake set-up that fits. The arms look to be longer than any I can find online so I have the guy who laced on the SA hub looking for the arms or whatever they're called so I hope to have that problem solved.

The two down tubes have no place for a rim brake. I'm working on a handlebar idea from a very old post...don't ask me where I found was a long time ago so...but it involves using two handlebar necks with two handlebars cut so there was a left and a right so the handlebars are split in the middle...I'll get photos...when I get my camera back
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