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Default Re: Fuel tank sizes?

Originally Posted by Chaz View Post
I always carry two stroke oil (synthetic) with me in pre measured pill container. I just pull up to the gas station, pump in my gas, and pour in the oil and replace tank cap. Then I do about a dozen stops with the front brake of about 8 inches, then shake the bike side to side a few times. I've never had a problem except for once when I forgot to close the petcock at the tank. And that over-rich problem only lasted a few minutes.

I believe the synthetic oil mixes much easier than dino although I've done the same with it as well. This method works best if you don't wait until your tank is almost dry before gassing up.

I'm sure some would disagree with this method but it's worked for me for over three years. I always check the tank before I head out and get an idea of how far I can go before refueling. It depends on how far away from any gas station you might expect to be.
I see nothing wrong with this as long as it gets thoroughly mixed in. I've thought about doing something like that, but I don't use my bike as main transportation and literally have only ran out of fuel twice! One was at a meet on a long journey and the other was me just not paying attention.
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