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Default Re: How to know when broken in? Fuel ratios?

A bike shop dude and I have caused the few problems I've had. Once I ran out of gas (how dumb is that?) and another time he failed to find the debris stuck in a tire and I had another unnecessary flat. (I let the shop fix the first flat because I wanted him to regrease the rear hub for me.) I put some good tubes and liners in when I put the new tires on, no probs since.
The china doll has been completely reliable, so far. I haven't even had to adjust the clutch yet. Starts every time, runs good and always brings me home.

Last Thursday I tried to pull up on a driveway apron to wait on traffic so I could turn around, there was a square 3" lip on the pavement, the front tire balked and skittered and I almost fell off. 40 years on motorcycles and I almost fell off my stupid bicycle.
Anybody can meet the pavement on these things, it's just the way it is.
Buzz zzzzz zzz
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