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Default Re: HELP: Stripped screws and seized engine

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Who builds a bike without a tensioner? Many of us do. If the frame allows it and you have a method of maintaining drive chain tension, like horizontal drop outs or engine shimming, there is no reason to run a chain tensioner.

There are pages and pages of discussion here regarding the pros and cons of that infamous device, especially the kit supplied item. There have been some very innovative methods used to keep the chain tight as opposed to that poorly designed clamp on thing that has caused so many problems.

Well said Tom. I currently run without a tensioner and did so on the last meet I attended. The chain is properly adjusted using the rim on the dropouts. Heck I just see it as another thing to go wrong. Lost a rim to the tensioner previously and it's also extra unneeded friction. But if you have to have it due to clearance issues it's better than grinding away at your frame or even your tires.
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