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Default Re: How to know when broken in? Fuel ratios?

Originally Posted by Whiteride View Post
Sad thing is no matter how carefully you baby it. It will fail at the worst time, and for no apparent rhyme or reason. With their poor construction and outdated design these little engines require an inordinate amount of care and tinkering and despite one's best efforts, are doomed to fail. My No. 1 rule? Never ride any further than you're prepared to pedal back.
I'm sorry that you have had such bad luck and trouble with your bike however there are many of us who have accrued thousands of miles from a Chinese 2 stroke engine.
Maybe it's time you examine how the engine is installed, maintained and ridden before making a blanket observation based solely on your single experience.

I ride my bikes daily and I trust them to get me to where I want to go and home again and never consider that they'll leave me stranded, or walking. They haven't yet.

Just my experience, but one shared by a good many builders here.

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