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Default Re: Are 2,3 or 4 engine motors better than 1???

Originally Posted by Large Filipino View Post
I got a FRONT wheel drive! Yea. I would imagine there would be a tug of war going on between multiple engines. Unless of course you can make the drive sprockets freewheel. Then you can use either engine for just cruising and two engines for pulling. The worst that can happen with a freewheel setup is that one engine is spinning needlessly while the other one is taking up the load.
That one engine is not spinning needlessly with a freewheel setup. It is disengaged and idling.

By "tug of war" I'm presuming you mean "resistance drag". That disappears when both engines are engaged.

If you full throttle the engine with 1.25" roller for a few seconds then release that lever and stab the other engine with 18.75 gears, it feels and sounds like you just shifted gears!!!

There is a substantial drop in rpm from one engine to another. Since both engines are identical they sound the same.

Sounds like shifting gears.
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