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Default Re: Panels to hide side of engine?

Yeah, my first thought was cooling as well. But i have seen air cooled street bikes that have fairings around the engine. You just need to make sure there is good ducting involved and it should be fine. Heck, it may even cool better with the concentrated air flow.

As for how you do it, that's all up to you. I'd start with some posterboard and make a template first. Then, once you have the size and shape you want, cut it out of some sheet aluminum and get some metal straps to secure it to your frame. You dont want to rivet or screw it directly in to the frame, as that will weaken it.

Take a picture of the bike with a plain white backdrop, and print the picture. Draw with a pencil on it to see how tou want it to look before doing anything. You might not like it and decide it's not what you want. But i can think of a couple instances where it would look pretty cool...

Just remember, duct that airflow or you'll burn it up!
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