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Default Re: 80cc? Is it really? And isn't 50cc a motorcycle?

I live in TX so any engine under 50cc needs no tags , license or even age restrictions . My first build a 50cc ?? 49cc got me pulled over by the local police they looked at it scratched their heads and said meet us at the station . (about 5 miles away) They had nicely stopped me at the bottom of a hill so had to push it up the hill far enough to turn around and go down to get it started . I met them at the station and they went into about 5 law books trying to find something to get me for . Finally they tossed my and orange safety vest said wear that and your helmet . When I left the station the six pack of cokes I had gone to get was down to only 2 cokes left in the basket thirsty cops I guess . I have now upgraded to the 80cc or 66cc I no longer have to peddle assist up hills . With no markings on the motor to tell it isn't the same 50cc I have had no problems . I left the safety vest in my basket a squirrel took my vest to line his nest with at the top of a tree . My helmet got old and started getting brittle so I no longer wear it . I love puttering around on my motorized bicycle and get lots of people asking me about it but thus far I have the only one in my area . (Lufkin TX or actually Hudson TX) I have thought about building some to sell but decided not to as there is no way you could warranty one . They all seem to have minor problems to keep you doing adjustment on a regular basis .
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