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Exclamation HELP: Stripped screws and seized engine

So I just purchased a new motorized bike today and took it for a little spin. As I pulled up to a stop sign to talk to someone about it I killed the engine out of politeness. After the conversation I went to pedal away and start her back up. I pedaled away just fine but as soon as I engaged the clutch my back tire came screeching to a halt and the rear tire no longer moves, even with the clutch disengaged. I took the bike home to open up the clutch cover and see if something was jammed in it or something and the wonderful people at the factory had apparently over tightened the screws and then stripped them. And being the poor college student that I am I don't have a power drill to use screw extractors or to drill through the head. And when I say they stripped them, I mean that it is one smooth circle they left me with. None of the other screws are this stiff as I have already dismantled the motor to see if the problem could be solved elsewhere. Being a motor biking noobie I could be completely wrong in my diagnosis. But I need to fix this this as soon as possible as I am booked to take it on a trip in five days. Any and all help I would be so grateful for.
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