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Default Re: my journey begins

so I picked up the bike today with the mounts. I guess there was an accident and some fins were broken, luckily it was the head which I have plans for anyways. also the frame took a bit of a beating, I should have taped her up.
I like the mounts, they need paint yet. but I'm set.



it looks like I'll have room for the big diamond head from Jakes, but I'm also like Fred's. Fred has a 45 day holding period for 1st time international buyers due to bad experiences, so something I need to keep in mind. I still have niggling doubts about my engine work but I'll find out soon. just eyeballing it, I think I'll be using my back up narrower tire(maybe, it too may not be narrow enough). a shift kit is in the works, and then I'll put my 2.35" back on.
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