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Default Re: Infernal Machine - Help

TJ, Would it fire at all if that were the case? I changed out the CDI and the Mag and installed that with the piston top centre as I could not remove the nut securing the magnet, which I think is right. The only odd thing I found was a small coil spring on the floor which may or may not have come from the bike? I really haven't got the place to do repairs, so not way to really pull it apart. Kitchen floor doesn't really work well as a shop. I'm guessing as no one seem to have any clear Idea of the problem, my best option is to sell the bike as non-running, or get another motor ready to bolt in. I'm getting kind of tired of throwing more and more money at this project that's running about $500.00 an hour to ride so far, and that's not counting fuel or labor. ;-)
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