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Default Re: 80cc? Is it really? And isn't 50cc a motorcycle?

I'm sure every State and Province has different guidelines and even in doing a little research how the rules apply to mine, is is rather murky at best. In Canada or at least Alberta, 50cc would make my motorized bicycle a moped and it would then not be exempt from registration, licensing and insurance requirements. As our present civic bylaws stand at under 50cc "it is just a bicycle with a motor" (as quoted by our local bylaw enforcement types) and not subject to any real restrictions other than not being allowed on any of our bike paths from which any powered bicycle including electrics are banned. We are free to ride on any roadway and unlike mopeds or motorcycles, a helmet is not required. Of course if one wishes to operate one like a retard ie: excessive speeds, that would fall under normal Motor Vehicle Laws and open a whole other side of woe like speeding, dangerous driving, and other enforceable laws which would also bring the machine under closer scrutiny. If you want a motorcycle IMHO then buy a motorcycle. At 49cc there's plenty of speed and power to kill yourself and bicycles are simply not designed for the same speeds as mopeds or motorcycles.
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