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Default Re: my journey begins

alright Davezilla, I'm a reader. I have found the pdf of two stroke tuners handbook. he gets pretty deep right off the bat with the kawi vs yami example and the equations for bhp and piston speed. but I have laymen's interest in quantum mechanics, so I'm used to re-reading a point until I can get my head around it.

I hope to pick the bike up on monday, my first day off. then I can sort out some details and mount the engine. a friend at work will lend me a 2" x26" tire if my tire rubs. I probably need to get a smaller tube, my tire is 2.35". and KC informed me that bigger than 2.18..." will probably rub, so atleast I will be ready for it. I did read something about fat tiresrubbing, but forgot about in the ensuing frenzy of engine work.

I found a before and after of one side of the port matching job, I didn't want to begreedy. just took down the little "step" that was there.



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