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Default Re: Your longest MB distance ride trip in one day? Two days?....

Originally Posted by DOC BOLM View Post
There is nothing wrong with the japanese bikes,their fuel systems,electronics etc. are far better than any harley i have ever owned.I just cant see buying from some country that brought us pearl harbor.HARLEYS DAD
It's all about the Buck's. I forgot the line where it said Harleys were made better? Both are inferior to the BMW's. We are both von-trumped there. They last like the 1,000,000 mile Volvo fleets last in bike years. I like Japan and think we should all sit and read Anime instead of adhering to the wisdom of the past with a dash of technology. Japan is awesome.. Relax.. Mishima was interesting. Hirakami I think the author is.. Ever read him? Pizzicato 5 and many others I have even met in my life. Loudness!
I still have the KZ 400 and want to get a ZL 1000 eliminator. Good bikes.. I like the old kick and electric start bikes from the 70's not these new computerized ones that will fail if you run a microwave oven next to it (same with cars).. Google EMP and electronic ignition. MB's will always run. I also believe in the right to free speech and freedom to choose my products. Anything else is dictatorship (don't worry folks we are almost there).

I will never hate my country because of other people's actions before me. Thanks for the forgiveness of Hiroshima? Both our economies are tanking like lovers holding hands.

Today in the news there was a lady that owned a chimpanzee. It was famous and made TV commercials and walked around town by itself. Today the trusted animal chewed her friends hands off. Only in America!


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