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Default Re: Which color scheme?

I went for the underdog approach and painted it like an Enfield. I'm still working out the look though. Not sure if I'm 100% with that seat. It's comfortable though, and it made the bike very lightweight after taking the rack (with 2 heavy ammo cans) off.
It looks like there's too much open space back there under the seat like it needs something more. A fender might do the trick, but I'm more of the "Less is more" mindset. I might consider loosing the big seat with the extra support and going to a quilted spring seat. It would be a classic look. I found this one one eBay. They are available in black and brown.

Those are just my two cents. It's still a very nice build. The lettering on the tank looks really good. Also, I like what you did with the CDI. Most people just mount them on the lower bar in front of the motor, but it looks way better on the seat post.

P.S. LOL, I just saw your other thread where you had this identical seat already.

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