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Default Re: my journey begins

well I am handing the bike and engine over to my machinist buddy tomorrow, so hopefully I will have it back in a few days. I have my next work set off, so it would be nice to have running for that break.

thanks Davezilla, it is coming along. as for pics, well the next ones should be of a motorized bicycle in a relatively finished state. I am still doing some detail work while I wait for the mounting.

after getting the crankcase back together I relaxed a bit, that whole bottom end experience was a little exhausting.ended making my own crankcase gasket, it is gasket material and just a little bit thicker than the torn waif of a thing that came in my gasket set. I know, lost compression. it's a good fit, and stayed well in place. I used a touch of copper gasket goop, a mimic of the big "copper" brand I think. but there's sweat and blood lubricating this china doll now.

so Davezilla I don't know if I even want to ask. port timing? I will do more research, as my preliminary search left me feeling a little lost. I'm thinking, first get her running and see if she's strong. I will ask Legwon for his opinion of her running condition (he's local and knowledgeable, helpful) then look at finishing her off. make sense?
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