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Default Your longest motorized bicycle distance ride trip in one day? Two days?....

This might be my last burst of curiosity for a while. I wanted to call this "The long ride out of Eden" but opted out for simple . Anyhooo. what was your personal "Long run"? I am wondering what motors would suit this purpose best 2 or 4 cycle engine? Full suspension recumbent tadpole... ? Watcha think? What would you bring with you on the trip? Spare carb or kit? I want to make a 800 MI round trip. 50 or 49 cc is the largest legal motor I believe here in Indiana/Illinois.. Please correct me if I am wrong. I
also wonder if two 49cc motors are legal?
I would not want to be stuck on a china motor in a small town as parts might be scarce. I have rode pedaling from Boston to Saratoga Springs NY on 90 degree days through MA and VT I think. It was nice.. If I can do 200 miles in a day and a half then I can do something with assist. I currently ride 10 miles a day towing loads around. Share your experience if you will.. Thanks folks.. I will share some funny pictures of my freak bikes and ideas when the house thaws some. I save $$ for this and skip the gas bill spending.
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