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Default Are 2,3 or 4 engine motors better than 1???

How many do you have on your rig? Jet bikes have 2 sometimes.

Today a good friend was telling me that I should not use more than one motor on my
friction system that I want to build this spring or summer. I was thinking as another member here stated that one in the front and one in the rear would work better than just one alone. He thinks that
would be like jet planes and need to sync the motors the same. Sorry for poor English I am in a hurry.
He thinks that one motor will pull fine and faster than the other or slower and one will just spin even slightly spin out on the tire trying to slow down or keep up with the opposite motor. I am confused as people here have dual engines and even Large Filipino has a 4 wheel drive I think??

Here is where I beg for usage reports eg: "Severe tire damage" or other strange happenings.
Any photos and please how to hook up throttle linkage to more than one engine using special tools and tips on linkage wire?

First I want to build the beast and fly down the trail.. Then I want to worry about brakes for the monster... I think I will double up sets and tie cables together and have 4 pads to a rim. Be safe!

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