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Default Need some advice

I am 320 lbs, riding a cargo bike which is a little heavier then the average bike.
What is a suitable setup for a rear wheel, gasoline powered bicycle setup.

I can't use the space above the bottom bracket, but I can use the rear rack which is sturdy, I want it discreet as well.

Would the little trimmer engines be sufficient, I think they are like 30cc, and maybe have it chain driven to the rear wheel, with a geared up in between, a cheaper one then the NuVinci, I think the Tricycle ones are cheap, $20.

Would the 30cc trimmer engine combined with the geared hub be a good setup, or would just the 30cc engine do the trick.

I am an electric guy, so I got a 3000w-6000w setup, but only 8Ah, so I need somehting I can ride on the street to get me home. Electric is just pathways.

Hence discreet gasser engine.
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